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Lo3 Cressi Sub Bcd Aquapro New 2019 + Computer Cressi Newton Black Grey

Lo3 Cressi Sub Bcd Aquapro New 2019 + Computer Cressi Newton Black Grey

Lo3 Cressi Sub Bcd Aquapro New 2019 + Computer Cressi Newton Black Grey    Lo3 Cressi Sub Bcd Aquapro New 2019 + Computer Cressi Newton Black Grey

Aquapro is an appreciated balancer that boasts all the experience of intensive use in diving centers where it has shown remarkable comfort and resistance characteristics. Now Cressi's proposal also focuses on the diver who wants a very complete but light, hydrodynamic and moderate-weight balancer. In reality, it is a model probably suitable for most recreational divers. Compartments for reinforced weight pockets with simple and effective ballast insertion and release system. Lanyard with knob to operate the extended rear discharge valve up to the front area.

Ventral belt independent from the bag to avoid compressing the diver's body during inflation and adjustable length of the belt. Semi-rigid backrest, light and very thin. Minimizes erosion points on the inner tissue. New format padding that leaves the backrest handle perfectly accessible. Backrest to keep the cylinder perfectly centered, with non-slip rubber inserts and new straps for fixing to the taps.

Four angled D-rings in stainless steel of 50 mm and two of 25 mm in acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS). Cut easily identifiable on the right shoulder strap. 420 D nylon fabric of the highest quality, reinforced / embellished with polyurethane mesh inserts in the area of greatest exposure to abrasion. The materials used for the side parts, the pockets and the shoulder straps are particularly flexible to offer great comfort and minimum encumbrance inside the carrying bag.

Lifting boost improved compared to the front model (values in compliance with CE regulations): Size XXS: 6.10 kg; XS: 6.90 kg; S: 8.20 kg; M: 11.50 kg; L: 15.60 kg; XL: 17,00 kg. Weight in gr: 2,500 (XXS), 2,550 (XS), 2,650 (S), 2,850 (M), 2,900 (L), 3,000 (XL). After Leonardo and Giotto, Newton is the third project designed, developed and produced 100% in Italy by the Cressi Elettronica branch created 4 years ago. It is a clock-based computer with a completely modular design, extremely robust and reliable.

Cressi has total control over the quality of this product, entirely developed and manufactured at Cressi Elettronica, both in terms of software programming, design, manufacture, quality control and after-sales service. An elegant and polyvalent proposal that, behind the appearance of a modern and captivating clock, hides a complete underwater computer of remarkable versatility. Suitable for the expert diver or technical diving but surprisingly simple for the average diver, thanks to the clear and simple way in which the information is displayed.

Mixed casing in stainless steel and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) shock-resistant. This composition determines great lightness and resistance to impact and to aesthetic wear. The computer case is extremely flat, free of sharp edges and totally hydrodynamic; the dimensions are relatively small (Ø 51 mm) with a visibility of the emblematic figures. Ultra flat profile (maximum height of 14 mm) with rounded design, very hydrodynamic and anti-clatter. The hooking of the strap also follows the profile of the case.

The structure is made with a winning combination of stainless steel and very resistant technopolymers. The four pushbuttons are low profile, fully integrated and with minimum clearance that guarantees the sealing of the O-rings, thanks to the perfectly perpendicular movement, and prevents the entry of particles or small grains of sand that could block them. Extremely durable anti-scratch mineral glass dial protected by a rounded stainless steel crown. Four buttons for greater ease of navigation and to simplify the storage of the process of accessing data and changing parameters. Wide screen with an easy-to-use system (User Friendly Display System, UFDS) with a diameter of 35 mm compared to a total of 45 mm.

It boasts the proverbial simplicity of navigation and menu structure of computers with Cressi software. The distribution of information, the screen contrast, the proportions and the dimensions of the figures have been studied to facilitate reading. All data are segmented with thin separation lines that facilitate reading even in stress or emergency situations.

Backlit display by pushbutton or in the event of an alarm. Menu and navigation system identical to those of the rest of Cressi dive computers with ease of reading, access to data and modification of emblematic parameters. Considerable ease of configuration, navigation between the different menus and access to the large amount of information presented in a very intuitive way. It has a complete nitrox management function with the possibility of using two different EAN blends in the same dive. Air, Nitrox and Depth Gauge modes (Gauge).

Zero setting option from the menu, very useful for rental or diving courses. Eliminates residual nitrogen to allow consecutive dives performed by different users. The algorithm integrates RGBM and deep stop (optional). Long battery life thanks to a combination of systems: saving mode with automatic power-on when the computer is not in use, low-power processor and CR2430 battery.

Interface (optional) for connection to the dive computer through infrared rays, simply by placing it, and connection to the PC with a USB cable. Software compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac.

Depth gauge calibrated in salt water for maximum precision in the most common use. Multipurpose air / nitrox from 21% to 50% O2 in 1% increments.

Two interchangeable mixtures in immersion. Haldane Algorithm with 9 modified fabrics.

RGBM + Deep stop (optional). Customizable algorithm on 3 levels (safety factor: SF0, SF1, SF2). Allow consecutive dives with different mixtures (it is essential to reprogram the mixture if you use nitrox). PpO2 adjustable from 1.2 to 1.6 bar. Logbook divided by independent modes: 75 dives or 60 hours of diving with 16 information data for each dive.

Profile mode: minute-by-minute profile on the screen of all the dives recorded in the logbook. Variable ascent speed with graphic indicator and visual and acoustic alarms. Audible, visual and screen illumination alarms: ppO2, CNS, ascent speed, DECO, DECO omission, maximum depth exceeded (optional). Calibrated in salt water for maximum precision. No-decompression limit (NO DEC TIME) and three-digit decompression time (DEC TIME).

Optional safety stop ("Stop") in case of safety curve dives. Approximate autonomy of 3 years (50 dives per year). Temperature, instant ppO2 and the mixture used can be viewed underwater by pressing a button.

Backlit screen (one push of the button, 5 seconds). Reset option using the menu. Eliminates residual nitrogen memory for use in dive centers, rental or educational purposes.

Designed to provide precise basic parameters for dives with mixtures performed according to decompression tables calculated using specific programs. Depth gauge calibrated in salt water (maximum precision).

Detection of current depth, maximum depth, immersion time and temperature. Independent logbook for dives performed in "Gauge" mode.

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Lo3 Cressi Sub Bcd Aquapro New 2019 + Computer Cressi Newton Black Grey    Lo3 Cressi Sub Bcd Aquapro New 2019 + Computer Cressi Newton Black Grey